What pre workout supplements do to your workouts

Like most heath supplements available on the market, there is no shortage of myths and misconceptions surrounding the group of supplements known as “pre-workouts.”


This is lack of knowledge and understanding is incredibly unfortunate, because pre-workout supplements can serve as extremely useful tools for increasing your level of fitness.


In particular, people often question what pre-workout supplements actually do, whether they really work, and how to use them correctly. We’ll dive into the answers to all three of these questions about pre-workouts below.


1. What Do Pre-Workout Supplements Do?


In order to fully appreciate the value of pre-workouts, the first issue to clear up is this: what do they actually do, and why is that a good thing for your body? As their name suggests, pre-workouts are intended to be taken immediately before your workout.


The reason for taking them just before your workout is because they are formulated to increase your energy and focus while improving your overall athletic performance. A good pre-workout supplement will provide a burst of energy to help you power through your workout at a more intense and efficient level.


Preworkout powder in a plastic scoop against a pile of preworkout powder and a yellow background


The goal is to train harder and longer, allowing you to see more muscle growth and improvement in your level of fitness. Anyone who has ever dragged themselves to the gym when they were feeling tired and unmotivated knows how much of a hindrance lack of energy can be to your workout and long-term progress.


Pre-workout supplements were designed specifically to help you overcome this obstacle, by providing you with the energy you need to perform your best in the gym every time.


Of course, this all sounds very promising…but the real question is this: do they actually work?


2. Do Pre-Workout Supplements Really Work?

    The answer to this question is not quite as cut and dry, because it actually depends entirely on what's actually in your pre-workout. Unfortunately, there is no one standard formula for pre-workouts.


    Some sub-par supplement manufacturers will use ineffective or low-quality ingredients, leading to disappointing experiences for users. To avoid purchasing a low-tier product, look for ingredients that are backed by significant research to suggest their use as workout boosters.


    You’ll also want to avoid pre-workout supplements that contain unnecessary artificial ingredients used to disguise poor flavor, texture, or consistency. These ingredients provide no additional benefit and may, in some cases, even be harmful.


    Specifically, caffeine, creatine and beta-alanine have all been shown to increase energy, strength and endurance. Our clean pre-workout powder Naked Energy, uses these and other premium, non-GMO ingredients to provide a clean and healthy burst of energy.


    Tub of Naked Energy against a gym floor and next to gym equipment


    It's also important to point out that manufacturers sometimes use these typically effective ingredients, but include them in doses that are simply too low to be useful.


    In summary: whether or not a pre-workout supplement really works is entirely reliant on the quality of that individual supplement’s ingredient list.


    Naked Energy, for example, is made using only pure, high quality ingredients in the most effective doses. It was designed specifically to improve athletic performance.


    3. How Do You Take Pre-Workout Supplements?


      Once you've identified an effective pre-workout, the next question becomes how do you effectively, correctly, and safely use that supplement?


      Fortunately, the issue of when to take a pre-workout is pretty straightforward: you take it before you work out. Yep, it’s really as easy as that!


      More specifically, the exact timing will vary based on the manufacturer. You’ll want to read the label carefully and follow instructions exactly as they appear, to ensure you take your supplement at the exact right time for maximum effectiveness.


      Naked Energy usage instructions from product label


      As an example, Naked Energy is intended to be taken 15 to 30 minutes before you exercise. Additionally, you’ll want to consider other factors like how long it takes you to get to your gym. If you’re going to spend a long period of time stuck in traffic during the drive, you’ll either need to take the supplement immediately before leaving or even on the way there.


      Likewise, don’t take your pre-workout the moment you step foot into the gym and expect it to be effective right away. The product label will also outline recommended dosage, which you should adhere to.


      For instance, Naked Energy recommends adding one to two level scoops to your water, sports drink, or other favorite beverage.