The Best Whey Protein for Healthy New Year's Diets

The holidays are a notoriously difficult time when it comes to weight loss and fitness in general.


Not only do the typical festivities include lots of carb-rich foods and alcohol, but you've likely been extremely busy – making it nearly impossible for you to keep up with any healthy routine you may have had in the preceding months.


But New Year's Day has come and gone, marking the end of that particular time of year. Now it's time to start over.


This time of year, many people are beginning their New Year’s diets and, to keep them on the right track, they're often looking for a quality whey protein.


What is the best whey protein you can use to support your New Year's diet?


Why Whey?


First of all, why should you use whey to help you lose weight? There are actually several reasons.


For one, a high-protein diet – regardless where the protein comes from – has been shown to be extremely useful in both achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.


High-protein diets not only speed up your metabolism so that you burn more calories at rest, but they also help to suppress your appetite and even reduce how often you think about food.


Three flavored whey protein shakes lined up next to a scoop of whey protein and a couple of dumbbells


But, why can't you get your protein for any number of foods? Why should you use whey?


There are actually a few benefits to using whey over simply trying to cram down plenty of high protein foods. The first thing to consider is convenience. Having a quality whey available to you means that you can very easily get the protein you need, without preparing a meal.


However, science has also shown that whey is significantly better at encouraging weight loss than other forms of protein.


Selecting Your Whey 


So, then, what should you look for when selecting the best whey protein for your weight loss goals?


Begin with a grass-fed, organic whey that has been minimally processed. Whey has the potential to be extremely rich in several nutrients, in addition to its famous protein.


Naked Whey product next to a blueberry protein shake


Unfortunately, cows that are grain-fed in feedlots produce milk – and therefore whey – that has higher levels of saturated fats and lower levels of healthy omega-3 and conjugated linoleic fatty acids than their grass-fed counterparts.


To make things worse, when whey is heavily processed, many of the nutrients – including the amino acids – are either removed altogether or damaged in such a way that they are not easily absorbed.


For this reason, stick with “concentrates” over “isolates,” which had had much of the healthy fat and the highly beneficial micronutrients that are bonded to it removed in order to increase protein levels.


Finally, avoid any whey product that contains artificial flavorings, preservatives, sweeteners, dyes, emulsifiers or any other additive. The chemicals have been shown to cause numerous health problems ranging from hormonal imbalance and certain cancers to behavioral problems and obesity.


Naked Nutrition is proud to offer a grass-fed, whey concentrate that contains absolutely no additives.