Winter Workout Tips to Help You Stay Motivated

Winter can be a challenging time for athletes out there. Even if you're able to perform most of your workouts indoors, the cold, gray days can sap your energy and motivation.


Frustratingly, winter is the perfect time to prepare for all your summer goals. So, how do you keep progressing while the days are cold and short?


Here are five winter workouts tips to help you stay motivated. 


1) Learn to Love Cold Weather Workouts


There are lots of challenging, exciting winter sports out there that can only be enjoyed when the ground is covered in snow.


Person running in the snow, kicking up snow flurries


By getting involved with one of these activities – whether it's downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, or ice skating – you'll give yourself something to look forward to during the winter.


These winter sports can also be used to complement your regular training routine and build on the progress that you've made during the rest of the year.


2) Build Muscle In The Winter


As much as everybody loves the idea of bulking – what with the freedom to eat huge quantities of foods you might have to reject the rest of the year – the reality can be pretty harsh.


After all, everyone likes to look good. Bulking, though, can hide all that definition you worked so hard to develop the rest of the year.


Here's the good news: Nobody's going to notice during the winter.


While this isn't an excuse to completely abandon your healthy eating habits, this often make people feel more comfortable about gaining a few pounds.  


Man bench-pressing weights at the gym


3) Get A Winter Workout Partner


Accountability is a major part of any workout routine. When someone else is involved in your progress, it makes you feel more responsible and you're therefore more likely to stick to the plan.


Finding yourself a workout partner during the winter months, then, can give you an extra boost to get to the gym even when you really just don't want to.     


Man and woman running up a set of stadium bleachers as workout partners


4) Vary Your Cold Weather Workouts 


Winter weather can change and impact your routine pretty rapidly. Unfortunately, that's not the only reason this time of year can get in your way.


It's also cold and flu seasons. To avoid discouragement and staying motivated, being willing to adjust your routine from week to week. It'll also be helpful to learn to listen to your body and not push yourself if you're just too sick.  


Woman running through the new in the forest


5) Have a Routine in Place


If you're already used to following a specific schedule year-round, maintaining those habits will come automatically.


You might already lift on certain days of the week and do cardio on others. Great, just keep doing that. Of course, you may have to make some slight winter modifications but the automatic motivation will be built in to your weekly routine.


Man doing stretches outside, in front of a bridge in the distance