Top 5 Best Foods for Mass

It’s a fairly regular scene: someone is working out regularly with a well-designed program but isn’t getting the results they’re looking for – whether it’s losing or gaining weight.


In these cases, the first thing any competent trainer is likely to do is examine that person’s diet. It is stunning how often people neglect this, whether through ignorance or because they feel going to the gym allows for eating anything you want.


The truth though, is that you simply cannot out-train a poor diet. If you’re trying to gain weight, for example, you could actually be doing more harm than good by lifting without making sure your diet is in check.


Each time you exercise, you are damaging your muscles in the hopes that this will stimulate the repair work that will make them bigger and stronger.


But this work cannot be properly carried out unless your body has the right nutrients in the right amounts. Nutrition, then, makes sure that you can actually benefit from all that hard work in the gym.


So, what follows is a list (in no particular order) of the best foods and best supplements for mass gains. 


1. Chicken


Not only is chicken fairly inexpensive but it is a complete, lean protein. This means that it contains all the necessary amino acids for muscle growth and very little fat.


Cooked chicken added to a salad containing tomatoes, lettuce, and avocado


The fat that it does contain, though, is extremely beneficial and will help to support other biological functions – including a healthy metabolism and cardiovascular system.   


2. Tuna and Other Fish


Many forms of fish, including tuna, salmon and sardines are excellent forms of complete proteins. Again, fish is also a rich source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids that have a huge number of benefits for your brain and body.


Fish also has the added element of convenience since it can purchased in a number of forms and prepared a huge number of ways. It should be noted, though, that quality fish can be a little on the pricey side.


Piece of cooked salmon on a plate, next to some vegetables


3. Whey


Derived from milk, whey protein powder has been considered one of the best supplements for mass by bodybuilders and athletes for decades both because of its convenience and nutritional merit.


Not only is whey a complete protein but it is also quickly absorbed and put to use. Since whey is usually purchased as a powder, it can easily be mixed in with other beverages and used to make a shake for a quick meal or snack.


Our best-selling Naked Whey protein is grass-fed with no added sugars, colors or artificial flavors making it easy to control what goes into your body.


Naked Whey product image with the product is being held up in front of a sports field


4. Lean Beef


Red meats like beef tend to get a bad rap these days but the truth is that if the visible fat is trimmed off it is a great food to gain mass. In fact, quality grass-fed beef is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and is actually good for your cardiovascular health.


Cut up cubes of raw lean beef


Just make sure to select lean cuts of beef so that you are getting as much protein per meal as possible and keep the rest of the meal healthy vegetables that aren't covered in butter.


5. Casein


Although it tends to get overshadowed by whey, casein protein powder is another highly beneficial milk protein. Like whey, casein is a complete protein and is available as an easy-to-use powder.


Unlike whey, however, it is absorbed very slowly – over the course of several hours. This makes casein a good choice as a meal replacement or to take at night so your body has a slow drip of protein while you sleep.


Three different sized metal scoops of protein powder on a wooden surface