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Vanilla Pea Protein Powder

Naked Vanilla Pea - 5LB
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Jan Mundell (Charlottesville, VA)
First Experience with Pea Protein

Mixes well in smoothies and I'm pleased with the nutritional value without all the ingredients that aren't healthy. Taste is hard to get used to. I'm used to cacao, but was hoping for a more chocolatey taste. The pea protein taste is stronger than the chocolate taste. I switched from a mushroom based product (due to cost) which I could mix in water or coconut milk for a quick meal. I tried doing this with the Chocolate Protein Powder and found it to be undrinkable.

Merison Gurson (Frisco, TX)

Pea Protein Powder | Naked Pea - 5LB


Good value for the size you get but the taste is beyond disgusting.

Claudia Molina (Colleyville, TX)

Vanilla Pea Protein Powder | Naked Vanilla Pea - 5LB

Ed Martinen (La Pine, OR)
Be the Pea

Best on the market. Works for me and my wife who are dairy free. Best option hands downs. Easy on the stomach as well.

Charles Constantino (New York, NY)

Great way to add extra protein to my banana bread and other baked goods for me and my family.


Good taste


This is a high-quality protein with no additives for a good price. You get to choose your own additives, whether that be bananas, berries, syrup, peanut butter, artificial sweeteners, etc. I tried it with just oatmilk and creatine; if you don’t care about taste, I wouldn’t say it’s repulsive, but I don’t think I’ll make it a habit.

kiley haberman (Charlotte, NC)
Delicious but wasteful packaging

I love this protein powder. Best pea protein I’ve ever had. But I was very disappointed to see how much larger the plastic container was than the amount of protein. About a third of the container was just air. This seems very wasteful to me and pretty disappointing to see. I would love to see a more sustainable package. Either a thinner bag using less plastic or smaller container that actually fits the amount of powder.

LH (Fairfield, CT)
Love this protein

My morning shake, good flavor. With subscription, it's a good value and trusted ingredients