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Egg White Protein Powder

Naked Egg - 3LB
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Works really good but some of the tops are very hard to get off.

Quincy (Irving, TX)
Horrible Product and Company

Im going to break this review in two sections. First the product, then the company.

Product: This product seemed like it was going to be good. I seen unflavored and thought, well this may not have a bad taste and it would go good with just about anything so i bought two. I was wrong. I tried to mix this with oat milk or water and it was the most disgusting sour taste i have ever tasted. Using a shaker bottle you will have constant foam which made it worse every time I tried to force drink it. I chose this due to the good reviews but i should have looked at the bad reviews instead because those are the ones telling the truth. Now that i think about it, i did find it fishy that most of the good reviews talk about the taste not changing and how its delicious which lead me to believe that its all lies. There is no way that sour taste, taste that good. I used it once and never again.

Now for the company: I sent a message letting customer service know that i did not like the taste and would like an exchange. They tell me i can't and i would have to return for a refund and get the one i want. I only opened one of the containers and the other one i bought was closed with its black tape around the top (the way it arrived). I sent them a picture like they asked. I said that's fine if i have to return it to get the one i want. Then they throw at me a $15 charge just to return it. I was confused because i sent you guys proof that i DID NOT open it. I looked at the return and exchanges and it says "Unopened and unused items may be returned within 14 days for a full refund or exchange, less any shipping charges." Don't put that if you are just going to throw a $15 shipping charge off the refund knowing that they will never get their full refund nor exchange, which you guys claim you don't do! Im like "thats fine" because after hearing that return charge something tell me i shouldn't deal with this company again. Keep in mind, the person who reached out to me didn't have a name. Normally when a company reaches out to you, they would state their name and/or also have a signature in the email. Its as if i was emailed by a complete stranger. If someone was to contact me and ask who i spoke to, my answer would be "I spoke to anonymous." I agree thinking if im paying $15 then that also including box and return right? WRONG, the guy at UPS charge me $10 for a box to return it even after he looked at the label. Once again in their "Returns and Exchanges" it say "Products may not be returned to the sender or our PO Box as a special label must be sent to the customer for a proper return." So whats so "special" about this gah damn label if im still having to pay for a damn box!? I have dealt with companies where i got a shipping label for free and that came with a box. So you telling me i paid $15 for a piece of paper. Notice how they said you can't send to their P.O. box or return to sender, they are crooks wanting you to not send it for free so they can eat that $15 out of you. Im just waiting for my refund so i can forget about this company. This was my first time buying and for damn sure my last time buying from this company.

S (Cambridge, MA)

It is extremely salty and inedible:(

Kurt (Oakland, CA)
Great protein powder with nothing added

I really like being able to pick what I mix into my protein shakes and Naked Nutrition lets me do that. The egg white powder dissolves completely and does not leave a weird or unpleasant aftertaste. I am glad I found NN so I can better control what I consume.


Good quality and satisfying

Lori Eanes (Hendersonville, TN)
Lots of protein

I mix this with unsweetened almond milk and naked peanut butter powder for breakfast.. love it! Lots of protein to start my day!

CL (Tampa, FL)

One of the only proteins that doesn’t mess with my stomach!


The best protein I have had period great taste easy on the stomach and very effective

Nancy (Snellville, GA)
Love to bake with it!

I use this in my baked oatmeal every. Single. Day. Don’t want to live without it!

Bindu Patel (San Francisco, CA)

Egg White Protein Powder | Naked Egg - 3LB