Why are Protein Cookies Good for Weight Loss?

You have weight loss goals, but you also have a hectic life with little time to cook or meal prep. Sometimes, the health goals and the time constraints do not go hand-in-hand. Many of us are living a life on the go.  


Trying to sneak in a day of balanced eating is sometimes next to impossible. This is why protein bars are sometimes a lifesaver when trying to lose weight.


What Is A Protein Cookie?


There is no official definition of the term protein cookie. Yet, there are some common features that many protein bars have, such as:

  • A protein content that is higher than a standard granola bar or snack bar 
  • Added fats (some healthier than others)
  • Added vitamins and minerals



Why Are Protein Bars Good For Weight Loss?


If only we could explain the magic bullet to losing weight in a few sentences. 


Unfortunately, data is mixed on what is recommended for a weight loss strategy for everyone. Evidence suggests that there is a link between taking in enough protein and achieving weight loss goals. 


Snacking may also play a positive role in weight loss goals, as eating snacks between meals has the potential to promote satiety and suppress overconsumption at the subsequent meal. 


Eating enough protein is simple if you are home all day long and have nothing better to do with your time than cook chicken and fish. But in reality, most people need a good source of protein in a pinch to help them take in enough of this nutrient to help them feel satisfied and fueled. 


This is why protein snacks can be a huge help when it comes to weight loss. 


Clean treats like Naked Cookies make it simple to get in 10 grams of premium grass-fed whey protein, along with 7 grams of fiber and a dose of healthy fats. 


The right protein snack can help you achieve your protein intake goal if you can’t get to a kitchen or even a blender to whip up a protein shake.


They can also act as a quick snack to prevent eating too many calories later in the day.


When To Eat Protein Cookies For Weight Loss?


Protein snacks are an awesome choice of food to toss into your bag for a quick snack to hold you over in between meals. But they can also be used as part of a balanced meal. 


Protein cookies are often not the best choice for a meal replacement, as they do not provide enough calories to sustain a person. The result of not eating enough calories is often overeating later in the day to compensate. 


Woman measuring her waist with a tape measure


Some ideas for how to incorporate protein bars into mealtime include:


Breakfast – Enjoy a Naked Bar with a piece of fruit and a glass of milk for a nutrient-packed morning meal to start your day in a satisfying way.


Lunch – Pair a protein bar with a side salad and a half of an avocado for a quick and easy mid-day nosh.


Final Thoughts


Swapping out a mid-day candy bar with a protein cookies or combining a bar with some other nourishing foods for a balanced meal are wonderful ways to support your weight loss goals.