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Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies

chocolate chip protein cookies
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Chocolate Chip Naked Cookie is a quick, healthy, and delicious protein treat for any time of the day. Satisfy your sweet tooth without feeding your waistline. 

  • 10g of Grass-Fed Whey Protein
  • Only 1g of Sugar and 190 Calories
  • Gluten-Free: Made with Defatted Almond Flour Instead of Traditional Wheat 
  • Soy Free, GMO Free and No High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • No Artificial Sweeteners or Flavors
  • Freshly baked in the USA

At Naked Nutrition, we are committed to shortening the steps between our farms and you.

Naked Cookies do not contain any artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors. All of the ingredients have been carefully selected to maintain quality nutrition while maintaining an indulgent taste. Our Naked approach has allowed us to develop a protein cookie that is both nutritious and delicious, with absolutely no hidden extras.

No. Chocolate Chip Naked Cookies contain almond butter and almond flour, both derived directly from almonds. Therefore, we do not suggest using the product if you suffer from a nut allergy.

In each box, you’ll receive 12 delicious, nutrition-packed Chocolate Chip Naked Cookies.

Whether you’re an athlete, a fitness fanatic, or you’re simply trying to look after your body, Chocolate Chip Naked Cookies are the perfect go-to snack option. Packed full of high quality nutrition with nothing artificial, our protein cookies are convenient, delicious snacks to boost your daily nutritional intake. High in quality protein, our cookies offer the energy and satiation needed to keep you performing at your best, while also supporting your health and fitness goals. We also offer a range of protein powders which are ideal for anybody looking to up their protein intake for muscle gain, weight loss, or general health.

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Nutrition Info


1 Cookie (54g)


12 Cookies Per Box



Calories: 190
Total Fat: 13g
Saturated Fat: 7g
Cholesterol: 0mg
Sodium: 60mg
Total Carbohydrates: 26g
Dietary Fiber: 6g
Total Sugars: 1g
Protein: 10g

% Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
* Daily Value established.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Karen Brokos
Great company and support

Had a problem with the shipper. Reached out to Naked's Support team and was quickly resolved to 100% Satisfaction - great company and service

Beverly Locktish

Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies | 12 Pack of Naked Cookies

Yukiko Cameron
Good in a pinch

I wish I could have given these a five star because I’m such a cookie lover. But something about these tasted like it had an artificial ingredient and it gave my stomach the same feeling that artificial sweeteners do. Still, I liked having them when I needed something quick to grab. What can I say? I love cookies!

Filling and tasty

These are just really good cookies, full stop. The added nutritional benefits and protein boost is a great bonus.

Cody Bias
Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies

Tasted good. However, I order protein supplements to manage my macros. I have no need for protein treats that have a low ratio of protein to overall calories (especially when priced very high relative to the amount of protein received per dollar expended). I would rather take more protein supplements and eat regular, and better tasting, chocolate chip cookies.

With all this in mind, I am speaking as a man. I imagine such product choices are more appealing to women, but that's just a guess.

Thanks for letting me sample your products.