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Vanilla Casein Protein Powder

Naked Vanilla Casein 5LB
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Love that you can’t taste it at all. Does require two full scoops for enough protein and leave a mild chalkiness to my smoothies but it’s not bad.

Brittany Hutchins (Ware, MA)
Best protein powder

Absolutely love this product and the clean ingredients
I love the gainer and its taste 👅

John Murphy (Kansas City, MO)
Pretty good

Usually get unflavored Casein from some UK company called my protien. It's pretty good. Prob gonna switch to you bc ur US. I usually sweeten my own shake w chocolate or flavored milk pkus blueberry bc I don't like artificial sweetener. Anyway I think I'll get double chocolate next time 😋

Kevin Brown (Waukesha, WI)
Casein protein

Definitely a no frill protein powder. It doesn't taste good and is extremely difficult to mix. The chocolate tastes nothing like chocolate. I don't doubt it is good quality though.


Taste is a little different than other protein powders but I kept in mind Naked brand does not have sugar, etc inside of it

Anonymous (Evansville, IN)

Tough to mix and very thick, but that's just how casein is. This container was very loose, so even one heaping scoop was less than 15g; you really need to use a scale to make sure you're getting the correct serving.

The only reason for not being 5 stars is that this doesn't come from grass-fed cows. I'd prefer if this casein came from grass-fed cows like with Naked Whey. I like my cows happy.

OHall (Secaucus, NJ)
Great protein!

This has to be the cleanest Casein protein powder out there! I mix cacao powder and stevia to my protein shake and that takes care of the taste. Casein powder can thicken up your protein shake but using more water than you would normally use with whey and utilizing a shaker cup should fix this. Will buy again!

Brittany Lindsey

I love it!

Kurtis Barnett (Fontana, CA)

Vanilla Casein Protein Powder | Naked Vanilla Casein 5LB

Customer (Brooklyn, NY)
excellent base to add what you wNt

This product is outstanding and i would recommend this to any one on weight loss or building muscle