Naked Almond Invite Only

  • Naked Almond is a certified vegan powder made exclusively from whole
    almonds grown on California farms. Naked Almond is mechanically
    pressed, without the use of additives or solvents, to remove oil and fat to
    create a powder that is over 55% protein.


    The Naked Difference

    • Only One Ingredient: California Almonds
    • Exclusively From US Farms
    • No Added Sugar or Salt
    • Certified Vegan and Certified Gluten-Free
    • 10 Grams of Protein and 1.3 Grams of BCAA’s Per Serving*
    • Soy, Dairy, and Preservative Free
    • Independent Third-Party Testing For Heavy Metals



    DIRECTIONS: Since Naked Almond contains only premium powdered almonds butter, it’s best to use either a shaker bottle or blender when mixing. Add one scoop of Naked Almond to 6 -10 oz of your favorite beverage, smoothie, or shake.
    Dress up your Naked Almond with other Naked Nutrition products to create the ultimate almond protein shake. You can even bake with Naked Almond.



    • Available for purchase October 2023
    • Pricing to be determined