Chocolate Pea Protein Powder Reviews

Chocolate Pea Protein Powder

Naked Chocolate Pea - 5LB
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Ray (Littleton, CO)
No Fillers

This product is great. It took me a week or two to get used to it after using other protein powders that were filled with sugars and artificial flavors. I can drink the unflavored pea protein in a smoothie, but I like to add an ounce or two of chocolate almond milk to a shake for flavor. I love this product because it lets me control the flavor and sweetness.


Clean product! This has helped me prep for my show without the added calories and fillers. It’s a bit bitter but I add it to coconut water and it’s absolutely delicious. I’ve went through two 5lb tubs in the last 4months and I am on my third one now.


Company is awesome. Product is grainy and you can’t drink it plain.


Tastes kinda bleh but it does the job and I feel better knowing there’s no extra unnecessary chemicals in it. Vegan protein powder has made a huge difference with my gut issues. I don’t feel gassy or bloated after taking it, like I used to with whey protein (I’m not even lactose intolerant). I usually shake it with a few drops of stevia to give it just a little bit of sweetness.


Good but I really wish Naked would offer an unflavored mix of plant proteins without maltodextrin. I mix their pea, rice, and peanut proteins together since they’re complementary in amino acid profiles but it would streamline my process to be able to just buy a blend. I don’t want the empty calories from maltodextrin though.

Joe Charocopos (Quakertown, PA)
Nothing but protein

It's protein, just protein, none of that trash that most protein powders have, that's the reason I continue to buy this brand. I'll gladly sacrifice taste for purity.

Elizabeth Marrero (Alexandria, VA)
Quality and Quantity

The Naked line is the cleanest nutritional protein powder line I have ever tried. Great price without sacrificing quality. It takes extremely clean and the texture is light and airy. Love this protein!

Michael Ruddell (New York, NY)

Good value for the price, and mixes well. It's really a clean product without a lot of junk. It tastes fine--I've had chocolate and the unflavored. Unflavored is nice to add to a smoothie--you taste the other stuff, not the powder. I like the pea protein because you don't feel bloated. I'm a fan!

Sharone Murph (Brooklyn, NY)

I must say this vegan protein is one of the best. It tastes clean and light. It he fact that you could add your own flavor on top says a lot about there product. They have a customer for life..


Disgusting. I threw it out.