Can Electrolytes Help Keep Your Skin Hydrated?

When people think of youthful, glowing skin, they typically think of hydration, collagen supplements, and perhaps an extravagant skincare routine. 

But a new ingredient is ready to take the stage in skincare: electrolytes.  

Continue reading this article to understand what electrolytes are and how they can benefit skin health, leading to clearer, more vibrant skin. 

What are electrolytes 

Electrolytes are essential minerals that we need to survive. These minerals – such as potassium, sodium, and calcium – help attract water. 

When we consume foods or beverages with electrolytes, our blood vessels carry these electrolytes and supply them to our bodies where they are needed – including our skin. 

In addition to supporting skin health and keeping us hydrated, electrolytes play a vital role in regulating muscle contractions, maintaining normal nervous system functioning, and balancing our body’s pH levels. 

Electrolytes help cells better regulate the pH, or acidity balance, optimizing the body’s hydration status. Plus, it’s even suggested that the more electrolytes people consume, the better their skin becomes at retaining moisture

Why water might not be enough

Many people rely on drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated and support vibrant, plump, and hydrated skin. However, just drinking water may not be enough. 

By ensuring you consume adequate electrolytes, you can be more confident that your skin – and the rest of your body – is getting deeply hydrated. 

The addition of electrolytes helps to replenish and strengthen the skin’s barrier, which is more than water can do alone. 

Benefits of electrolytes for skin

1. Can hydrate skin

Healthy skin is moist, well-hydrated skin.

Many skin care ingredients have been touted to improve moisture such as hyaluronic acid or collagen, largely due to their ability to bind water. 

When it comes to hydrating the skin it’s important to consider habits and ingredients that help retain water. Research notes that increased water intake can enhance the hydration status of the epidermis, which is the outermost layer of our skin (1).

The skin contains approximately 30% water, contributing to plumpness, skin elasticity, and an overall youthful and glowy appearance (2).

By adding electrolytes, our skin can retain even more water, thereby improving hydration. 

Specifically, potassium helps bring water to the skin and strengthens the skin barrier, leading to a more supple and nourished skin surface. 

With the help of electrolytes, skin can be even stronger, leading to reduced puffiness and a more even skin tone.


2. May help clear acne

Ensuring adequate skin hydration is important for reducing acne. Electrolytes allow the skin to stay hydrated and moist, which helps to prevent breakouts. 

In fact, excess oil production can be a result of dry skin, which can lead to clogged pores and acne (3).

With the help of electrolytes, you can achieve more hydrated and smoother skin. 

Especially when used alongside a gentle cleanser and moisturizer, fluids and electrolytes are the perfect duo to reduce and clear acne. 

3. Improve results from other skincare products

In addition to electrolytes promoting hydrated and clear skin, they can also enhance the effectiveness of other products in your skincare routine. 

In fact, electrolytes aid in the functioning of substances such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and ceramides, for example – all of which are common ingredients in skincare products. 

Electrolytes can help you get the best bang for your buck from your skincare products.

How to include electrolytes in your diet

For the average person, you can get most electrolytes you need from a nutritious, whole-foods, balanced diet.  Electrolytes are found in many fruits and vegetables, and even dairy products. 

However, with busy lifestyles and increased exposure to stress and pollution, key minerals can be depleted from the skin, leaving skin dull and dry. 

This is where electrolytes come in. 

Additional electrolytes can be helpful not only for optimal health and hydration but for healthier skin as well. 

Our electrolyte drink Nakedade is a great option for a quick, hydrating fix of electrolytes. It contains adequate potassium and sodium to replenish the body and optimize hydration. 

Plus, it’s simple to add to any beverage whether at home or on the go. 

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Key Takeaways

Electrolytes are essential to health and hydration, including the health and hydration of our skin. 

Because they attract water, electrolytes can help the skin retain moisture. 

While you can obtain electrolytes from food sources, it can be quite helpful and convenient to boost your electrolyte intake with the help of a supplement, such as Nakedade.