What Are Keto Diet Fat Bombs?

If you’ve never heard of a fat bomb before, then you might have some questions.


Maybe you’ve recently started keto, and in your search for keto-friendly snacks, you’ve come across some delicious sounding fat bomb recipes.


Or perhaps, you’re still researching the keto diet, and that’s how you found this rather aggressive sounding snack.


Regardless of how you discovered fat bombs, you’re wondering how something named “chocolate keto fat bomb” could possibly be good for you?


In this article, we’ll discuss what fat bombs are and why they can be healthy on a keto or low-carb diet. We’ll also include a couple of simple fat bomb snack recipes for you to get you started.  

What Are Keto Fat Bombs?


Fat bombs are snacks designed for people following a ketogenic or low-carb diet. 


It is challenging to walk into a typical store and find keto-friendly snacks. Most items you see on store shelves have too much sugar, especially for someone on keto.


Fat bombs aim to solve that problem for those on a low-carb diet. They are typically made with high-quality fats and flavored with natural ingredients to keep net carbs low, so you can stay in ketosis. 


How Can A Fat Bomb Be Healthy?


Whether a fat bomb is healthy or not, depends on the ingredients that are used to make it. 


If a fat bomb, or any other food item, is prepared with whole, natural ingredients that support your body, and your health/fitness goals, then it would be considered healthy.


When it comes to fat bombs, the most significant factor is the type of fats that are being used.


Good Fats VS. Bad Fats


All fats are not created equal. Some fats, like trans-fats, are harmful to your health. 


But plant-based polyunsaturated fats are excellent sources of energy, vitamins, and minerals.


The quality of fats that you get from an avocado is nowhere near the same as the trans fats in a cookie or frozen pizza.


Healthy fats support your body in many ways. Besides providing energy, fats play a role in nutrient absorption, immune function, muscle movement, blood clotting, and more. 


So, instead of eliminating fats from our diet, we should try to replace processed, unhealthy fats with beneficial plant-based fats. 


Benefits Of Keto Fat Bombs


Assuming they are made with good fats, keto fat bombs can help your health goals in a variety of ways on the keto or low-carb diet.


  1. Fat bombs can be a healthy, keto-friendly alternative to sugary snacks. High-quality fat bombs are flavored with stevia, monk fruit, or other natural ingredients. They can satisfy your sweet tooth without spiking your blood sugar levels. 


  1. Keto fat bombs are low in net carbs, and typically have no added or artificial sugars. That means that they can provide you with a mid-day energy boost, and still keep you on track with your daily macro targets on the keto diet.


  1. With around 200-300 calories, fat bombs are typically hearty enough to keep you feeling full for longer, and prevent you from heading to your local coffee shop for a scone.


  1. You can use fat bombs as a keto-friendly pre-workout snack. Healthy fats will boost your energy levels so you can power through a spin class or a treadmill workout after a long day at work. 


Naked Keto Fat Bomb


Each Naked Keto fat bomb contains 250-260 calories, 27-30g of fats, 2-3g of proteins, only 1g net carb, and zero added sugars.


Naked Keto is available unflavored, but also in delicious chocolate and vanilla flavors. Only natural ingredients like cacao, sea salt, monk fruit, and stevia are used for flavor.


The fat bombs are made with healthy, plant-based fats.


One of the main ingredients in Naked Keto is powdered MCT oil. MCT oil has many benefits, especially for someone on the keto diet. 


MCT oil promotes ketone levels, which helps you keep burning fat for fuel and stay in ketosis. MCT oil also keeps you feeling full and energetic for longer, which can help your weight loss goals.

The other ingredient in Naked Keto is powdered sunflower oil, which supports lean muscle mass.




Wait, isn’t sunflower oil bad for you?


Just like fats as a whole, there is some confusion around whether sunflower oil is healthy or not. It is made from sunflower seeds, so it is a natural plant-based source of fat. 


When people talk about sunflower oil not being good for you, they’re mostly talking about cooking in mid-oleic sunflower oil which are very different than the high-oleic sunflower oil in Naked Keto. When you heat the oil, it loses its original structure, and it can react negatively within your body.


But even with raw sunflower oils, there are variations based on their content of oleic acid and linoleic acid. 


You want the type of sunflower oil, which is high in oleic acid, which is a healthy polyunsaturated fat. It can promote stable blood sugar, reduce inflammation, and improve metabolism.


Olive oil is also rich in oleic acid, and experts believe that’s one of the reasons why a Mediterranean diet can be so beneficial.


How many fat bombs should I eat at once?


How many keto fat bombs you should eat depends on your daily calorie requirements. 


Remember, fat bombs are meant to be snacks. 


You can eat one in the morning if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to make breakfast. Or you can have one in the evening before a workout, or to hold you over till dinner.


For balanced nutrition on keto, ideally, you should eat plenty of whole foods like grass-fed beef, eggs, avocados, broccoli, etc. 


That being said, as long as you track your calories and macros, and you stick to your keto targets, there are no restrictions on how many fat bombs you can snack on in a day. But, it’s a good idea to stay on top of macros/calories and using an app is one way to do this efficiently.




Keto Fat Bomb Snack Ideas


Now that we’ve discussed what fat bombs are, and why they can support a healthy keto lifestyle, here are a couple of snack ideas to incorporate fat bombs in your diet.


1. Chocolate Naked Keto With Espresso


To get your morning started right, try combining a Chocolate Naked Keto fat bomb with a shot of espresso (or brewed black coffee).


It’s the perfect snack if you’re in a hurry. Not only is the combination of chocolate and espresso absolutely delicious, but it will also provide you with sustained energy throughout the morning.


When you add carbs/sugar with caffeine, you might experience a spike in energy. But it is typically followed by a crash, and by 10 AM, you’re on out the door to grab your second cup of coffee.


But when you add healthy fats to coffee, the caffeine provides a boost in energy, and the fats keep the energy sustained for longer with no crash in the end.


Give it a try, and you might never go back to taking your coffee with cream and sugar.


2. Unflavored Naked Keto With Bone Broth


If you’re not into coffee and chocolate, no worries. Try Unflavored Naked Keto with a cup of bone broth.


It’s the perfect low-carb snack that will not only keep you full, but it is also loaded with beneficial minerals and healthy fats.


The minerals in bone broth can be critical during keto to prevent dehydration and keto flu symptoms. Bone broth is good for the digestive system, and it may also improve your joint health. 


Give Naked Keto and bone broth a try for a delicious boost in energy anytime during the day.


Final Thoughts On Keto Fat Bombs


As long as you select the right fat bombs, they can be healthy for you on a keto diet. 


Fat bombs can satisfy your cravings when you need a quick snack. They can also keep you on track with your keto macros.


Including fat bombs in your snack list can bring much needed variety to your diet. They can make your keto diet journey more sustainable, so you can keep enjoying the benefits like weight loss, more energy, and better mental clarity.