5 Ways to Make Organic Brown Rice Protein Shakes Taste Delicious

In a recent post, we covered four ways you can make your organic brown rice protein shakes taste delicious. But we're full of ideas.


So, here are five more tips you can use when making shakes with that fancy organic brown rice protein you just picked up.


Coffee – This simple addition not only gives your shakes a complex flavor that works well with the sweet, creaminess of the rice protein but it also brings caffeine to the party. If you have your shakes as part of your breakfast or as a midday snack adding 6 to 8oz of brewed coffee to the mix is a perfect way to get an extra boost.



Cinnamon – From rice pudding to horchata, rice and cinnamon have a long and delicious culinary history together. Again, the milky, subtle-sweetness of the rice works great with cinnamon. Just be careful not to use too much of the spice, since it can quickly become overpowering.


Almonds – You have some options here, depending on what you're looking for nutritionally and texturally. Whole almonds can be ground to add a nice thickness and great flavor, but might be a little difficult to process. Almond milk will work on several levels, even adding some sweetness. Keep in mind, though, that both the nuts and the milk will add significant calories and fat to your shake. If your chief concern is flavor and want to avoid messing with the nutritional content of your shake, almond extract works great.


Green tea – Green tea is useful for all sorts of reasons. For one, it adds caffeine. But green tea differs from coffee in that it also contains a substance called theanine that encourages mental focus and feelings of calm. Green tea is also rich in numerous antioxidants and fat-burning agents. Plus, it's delicious. You can either brew some green tea and add the liquid to your mix or use powdered green tea called matcha. Keep in mind that the liquid will impact the texture of your resultant shake.


Mango – For a fruity option that adds texture, flavor and nutrition to your shake, try mango. This delicious, juicy fruit has a flavor that will easily pair with the rice protein powder – white rice and mango are traditionally combined in many Asian desserts. You can also cut up and freeze your mango beforehand. This will allow you to use the frozen fruit instead of ice cubes, adding thickness to your shake without deluding the flavor.