Happy Earth Day! Naked Nutrition Green Practices

On April 22nd, the world will observe Earth Day. In honor of the occasion, it seemed fitting to discuss how we here at Naked Nutrition make an effort – all year round – to be mindful of our relationship with the planetary ecosystem.


Here are just a few examples the steps that Naked Nutrition takes to give you the best products possible, while still looking out for our planet.


Grass-Fed Whey


Unlike many other companies, Naked Nutrition sources our whey from only grass-fed animals. Not only does this produce whey that has a healthier nutritional profile for you, it encourages better farming practices.


Generally, cows are given grain-based diets on feed lots – small plots of land where many animals are put together and fed out of large troughs. This is extremely unnatural. In fact, grain isn't even the natural food of cows.


Grass-fed animals, though, are allowed to graze over larger stretches of land and eat their natural food source.


Only Organic


Very closely connected to the above points is the fact that Naked Nutrition uses organic ingredients as much as possible.


In the case of whey and other animal-based products, this means the none of the animals have ever been exposed to chemical pesticides, herbicides or GMOs.


Tub of Naked Pea next to spinach leaves and a bunch of bananas behind a green protein shake being poured in a glass


For you, this means clean, worry-free foods. For the earth, it translates to less pollution. This practice is particularly important when it comes to our vegan protein powders, which are always kept free of any dangerous chemicals so that the powder is as nutritionally rich as possible.




One of the biggest concerns when it comes to pollution has to do with the globalization of many industries. When it comes to protein powders, many U.S. Companies purchase their ingredients from China, encouraging the use of fuels for transportation.


At Naked Nutrition, though, our ingredients come only from domestic farms, in an effort to reduce carbon emissions.