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Branched Chain Amino Acids

Naked BCAAs - 100 Servings
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Chris Brown (New Braunfels, TX)
Great pre-workout

The flavor is very strong, so I wouldn’t recommend adding it to your smoothies. Drink it cold

MacKaden Inscore (Charlotte, NC)
Great until…

I was loving my aminos, then I found a hair in them. I thought it was plastic seal at first, but you could see the root on the hair. I contacted the customer service email and I have not gotten a response. I was very happy with the product until this happened, I understand accidents happen every once in a while, but something can be done about communication.


The taste and smell of the powder is unbearable. It smells like crack (yes the drug and crack stinks) and tastes like a crushed pill.

Zac (Parker, CO)

Cherry Lime Branched Chain Amino Acids | Naked BCAAs - 34 Servings


The product did not come with a scoop.

Vanessa Mae

Yes the powder stinks, yes it goes away once in water. Mixes super easy. No artificial garbage and it tastes good. It has a very light cherry lime flavor. Think cherry lime water. If you are seeking out a super sweet flavor this isn't it.

Angelo Mora (Stockton, CA)
Best performing BCAA IMO

I have tried several brands of BCAAs and Naked is the best for me. Although it doesn’t smell or taste great I like the lack of sugar others contain. I mix it with green tea & it works well for my type of training.


I mix this with my greens. The taste is strong and hard to get used to. I switch to a fruity greens and it didn't help either. It's not terrible but it's also very strong and overpowering. I don't like the taste. It mixes well. I just suck it up and drink it.


I love the idea of having clean and simple ingredients. However, even though theres a lack of added flavor, it definitely has an interesting taste so I mix it in with other drinks.

Amber Nicole Osterbaan

The flavor is not great so I mix it with Mio or juice but other than that it's great