What Is the Best Pre-Workout Supplement?

Pre-workout supplements are by far one of the most popular and widely used groups of supplements out there – especially among health and fitness enthusiasts who want to start seeing even more impressive results from their gym sessions.


Although all pre-workouts are intended to serve the same purpose (boosting your energy so you can increase the intensity of your workout) the exact formula and ingredients used in each supplement can vary quite drastically.


And this raises an important question: Is there a pre-workout formulation that will generate the best results? And even more importantly, what is the best pre-workout supplement available on the market, and how do you go about finding it?


To answer these questions and to make the right decision in choosing a product, you’ll need to understand a few critical details about pre-workout ingredients, formulas, and dosages:


The Best Pre-Workout Supplement Has Zero Artificial Additives


Unfortunately, as with many supplements, a large number of pre-workouts tend to be loaded up with all sorts of artificial additives. These artificial ingredients are usually intended to enhance the flavor or visual appeal of the product, or to lengthen its shelf life.


Oftentimes these “enhancements” are added when the manufacturer wants to cover up low quality ingredients or formulas. This means that you’ll likely encounter a long list of dyes, flavorings, sweeteners, and anti-caking agents in your search for the best pre-workout supplement.


That’s seemingly a lot of information to keep track of, but it’s actually quite simple: if you notice any of these ingredients on your pre-workout label, start looking for a better product!


Plastic scoop of pre-workout powder against a blue background


In addition to being completely unnecessary, these additives have been linked with a range of health problems; everything from headaches and digestive concerns to hormonal imbalances and even cancer.


Granted, much of the research surrounding these negative side-effects is still in the early stages, and can be considered fairly controversial (especially by the supplement manufacturers who use them).


Still, if adding these things to a supplement does not fill a real need, why risk the exposure? It’s highly recommended to choose a pre-workout supplement that contains zero artificial additives.


The Best Pre-Workout Supplement Has Effective Ingredients and Dosages


It’s not unheard of for supplement manufacturers to use a number of marketing tricks to make their products appear more attractive to potential consumers.


One instance of this is adding ingredients that serve no real purpose and contain no solid scientific backing, but are commonly believed by the general public to be beneficial and effective.


In addition to being a completely useless addition, these unwanted “bonus” ingredients usually drive up the cost of product. In other words, you’re paying more money for no additional health benefit!


Preworkout powder in a glass bowl next to a shaker bottle, dumbbells, and a measuring tape


Even if the added ingredients are effective at high dosages, the amount contained in the supplement is often too low to provide any real value. This trick is extra sneaky, because consumers recognize that a genuinely effective product has been added, but they don’t realize how small the dosage actually is.


This also allows manufacturers to save money while simultaneously enticing more consumers to try their product. Generally, this sort of trickery is hidden behind proprietary blends. In the United States, a company does not have to legally disclose exact dosages of an ingredient if it's considered a trade secret.


This loophole is what allows manufacturers to cover up unsavory ingredients, or disguise ineffective ingredient dosages. That means that when you’re shopping for the healthiest pre-workout supplement, you want to be sure the company is open and honest about exactly what ingredients are in their product, and how much of each is present in the formula.


If you see a proprietary blend listed, keep looking!


Naked Energy by Naked Nutrition: The Best Pre-Workout Supplement


As is often the case with supplements, look for a product that is free of unnecessary artificial additives and contains only effective doses of high-quality, premium ingredients.


Tub of Naked Energy on a gym floor against gym equipment


Naked Nutrition is proud to offer just such a product in our clean pre-workout, Naked Energy. Like all Naked Nutrition products, this pre-workout supplement contains only necessary, pure ingredients – without sneaking in anything useless or artificial like flavorings, colorings, or sweeteners.


Naked Energy uses the cleanest vegan and non-GMO ingredients available. We truly believe that Naked Energy is the best pre-workout supplement available on the market and will positively impact your workout.