How to Use Bone Broth Protein Powder

Though bone broth is globally renowned for its impressive nutrition, bone broth protein powder remains to be a fairly new idea within the fitness industry. 

Despite the nutritional value that this type of protein provides, many of us still don't know how to fully utilize it.  

This guide aims to help you incorporate bone broth protein into your daily diet and get the most out of the health benefits that it offers.

Naked Bone Broth’s Nutritional Facts  

Around the world, regular bone broth is praised for its nutritional content and its various health advantages. 

However, making bone broth at home is a lengthy ordeal that often takes several hours. Likewise, pre-prepared bone broth that you can buy off the shelf is typically loaded with artificial preservatives, flavors, and often goes through intensive processing which can diminish the nutrient content.

Naked Bone Broth is a premium bone broth protein powder that makes it easy to boost your nutrition without compromising your time or the quality of your diet. 

  • Highest-quality beef bones sourced from Europe.
  • Created by using mechanical and thermal processing techniques which retain the important nutrients that are naturally found in bone broth.
  • Packed full of amino acids, important minerals, and premium protein.
  • Two-scoop serving of Naked Bone Broth provides 20 grams of dietary protein and only 1 gram of fat at just 90 calories.
  • No hidden extras and absolutely no artificial fillers.


The Health Benefits of Bone Broth Protein

Nourish your entire body with bone broth protein powder regularly to enjoy these following health benefits. 

Supports Muscle Growth and Fat Loss

Thanks to its superior amino acid profile, bone broth protein provides all the necessary amino acids needed to support muscle-protein synthesis. 

As a result, this encourages quicker workout recovery times and promotes further muscle growth. Likewise, bone broth provides long-lasting satiation while being low in calories, which may support fat loss.

Improves Joint Health


Bone broth protein contains a variety of important amino acids which all play an individual role in supporting overall health. 

Certain amino acids found in bone broth - such as proline and glycine - are used by the body to build connective tissues which allow joints to move smoothly against each other, reducing discomfort and inflammation.

Promotes Healthy Gut Function

Leaky gut syndrome occurs when the lining between the gut and the bloodstream is damaged, allowing toxins to pass into the blood. 

Studies show that certain amino acids found in bone broth can help to rebuild the integrity of the intestinal lining. In turn, this may also promote healthier digestive function and support a balanced gut biome.

May Boost Sleep Quality and Brain Function

Bone broth is rich in the amino acid glycine, which also has a big impact on sleep quality and may even improve brain function. 

Numerous studies have shown that consuming glycine in the evening promotes better sleep, with one study suggesting that the amino acid may improve mental performance.  

How to Include Bone Broth Protein in Your Diet

While bone broth protein is both versatile and convenient, it’s not intended to be used in the same way as traditional protein powders. 

Since the mixability of bone broth protein is vastly different compared to dairy-based or plant-based proteins, here are a few recommended ways to add this supplement to your diet:

Mix Into Soup or Stew


Traditional bone broth has been used in soups for centuries. Mixing two scoops of bone broth protein powder into a soup or stew is one of the easiest and simplest ways to incorporate this supplement into your diet. 

For the best results, we recommend stirring Naked Bone Broth into a hot soup / stew and then waiting a few minutes to allow the powder to dissolve. 

Add To Mashed Potatoes 

By adding bone broth to mashed potatoes, you can boost both the flavor and the nutritional profile of this traditional side dish. 

After boiling the potatoes, mix two scoops of bone broth protein into hot water in a large pan over medium heat. 

Stir the bone broth for about 4 minutes to make sure the powder is fully dissolved. Then, add the bone broth into the bowl with the potatoes and mash thoroughly. 

Sip a Bone Broth Beverage

Another incredibly easy way to add bone broth into your routine is to sip on a warm bone broth beverage. 

To do this, we recommend adding two scoops of Naked Bone Broth to 8 - 12 oz of boiling water, mixing well, and letting the beverage sit for a few minutes before consuming.

Since Naked Bone Broth only has one ingredient, it does not contain any additional mixing agents. As a result, the protein mixes better when thoroughly stirred in hot water.

Use When Cooking Grains


When cooking rice or similar grains, you can also add bone broth protein powder into the water while the grain is simmering on the stove. 

To avoid stirring rice while cooking, mix the bone broth protein into hot water in a separate cup before pouring it into the water with the rice. 

The Naked Nutrition Difference

Quality Sourcing and Ingredients

Naked Bone Broth only contains one ingredient - bone broth protein which is sourced entirely from premium European beef bones. We take careful measures to ensure the quality of our beef bones so that our protein powder is rich in nutrients and purity. 

Alternative bone broth products are commonly sourced from factory-farmed beef bones which may contain growth hormones, all of which directly reduces the protein’s quality and may impact your health.

Chemical Free Processing

Our beef bones are processed in Sweden and undergo chemical-free mechanical and thermal processes which help to preserve the nutritional profile of the protein. 

While many other brands prefer industrial processing for mass production, our careful processing procedures ensure that our protein offers maximum nutrition and increased bioavailability.

Protein Content

As a result of minimal and chemical-free processing, Naked Bone Broth provides an impressive 20 grams of quality protein per serving. As we’ve retained these naturally occurring nutrients, our bone broth works to support your overall health by promoting the optimal function of your body.

Other bone broth protein products typically offer only 8 - 10 grams of protein per serving. This is due to the products undergoing harsh processing procedures which ultimately reduce the protein’s nutritional value.