5 Tips to Prepare Overnight Oats with Naked Oats

Overnight protein oats are a popular breakfast option offering various health benefits. 

Made by combining rolled oats, protein powder, and milk, this popular nutritious breakfast provides a good balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fiber to keep you satisfied and energized throughout the morning.

Our delicious apple cinnamon protein oats made from gluten-free rolled oats and grass-fed whey protein, eliminate the added hassle of preparation. 

Simply add liquid, mix, and chill for a balanced and convenient breakfast option, allowing you to stick to your healthy eating plan even on busy mornings.

5 Ways to Prepare Overnight Protein Oats

Achieving the perfect consistency in your overnight protein oats is crucial to enhance your breakfast experience. 

Whether you prefer a creamy texture or a thicker, more pudding-like consistency, these five strategies will help ensure that your oats turn out just right. 

From mixing thoroughly to mastering the liquid-to-oats ratio, these tips will help you create a delicious and satisfying breakfast that you'll look forward to waking up to each morning.

Proper Liquid Ratio

Use the right ratio of oats to liquid. Add 2 rounded scoops to 8 fluid ounces of liquid to a shaker bottle for the perfect consistency of overnight oats. 

We recommend using a dairy or non-dairy milk as your source of liquid to add creaminess.

Mix Well

Ensure that the protein oats are mixed well with the liquid. If using a shaker bottle, as recommended, be sure to shake until the mixture is fully combined. 

If you are using another container, give the mixture a good stir. Proper mixing helps the oats absorb the liquid evenly and results in a smoother consistency.

Refrigerate Properly

Refrigerate the oats overnight in a sealed container. 

We love using a small mason jar with a plastic lid. Proper sealing allows the oats to absorb the liquid and soften properly, resulting in a creamy consistency. Be sure not to skip this step!

Stir Before Serving

Before serving, give the oats a good stir to ensure that any ingredients that may have settled are evenly distributed. 

This helps maintain a consistent texture throughout. We find that they often need to be stirred thoroughly at this point, because the oats have absorbed most of the liquid, creating a very thick mixture. 

Adjust Liquid in the Morning

Remember, because those oats are absorbing the liquid overnight, it's normal for the mixture to thicken. 

In the morning, if the oats are too thick for your liking, you can stir in a little more milk to reach your desired consistency.