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Product Questions

Why is my Naked protein or supplement container not full?

Our proteins and supplements are sold by weight and not by the amount of space they take up ie volume.

Some proteins are denser than others. For example our Naked Pea is much denser than our whey protein, and this leads to a less than completely full canister. The products are weighted multiple times to ensureĀ it isĀ the correct size.Ā If we filledĀ canisters all the way,Ā some proteins would weight out to 8 or 9 lbs, with a price increase to match.

Can you please send me a scoop? I canā€™t find my scoop.

Sometimes the scoop will settle during shipment. Every container is packaged with a scoop. We recommend taking a fork and sifting through the product to find the scoop.

Is the product okay if the inside seal has been broken? Has the product been tampered with?

As long as the outer seal is intact, you have nothing to worry about. When our containers are opened, the second seal sometimes will come up because of the way the seal is placed in the lid before sealing. In other words, the seal breaking once you unscrew the lids is perfectly normal.
There would only be cause for concern if there as protein powder in the box itself.

Will summer heat or a hot delivery truck affect the protein?

In a dry, powder form, whey protein is quite stable and should not degrade unless temperatures exceed 160Ā° F. Our whey is heated to 163 degrees F during processing so you shouldn't worry about the back of a delivery truck.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Our products have a shelf life of two years, and the best-by date is printed on the bottom of each package. Additionally, we generally recommend that you store Naked Nutrition products in a cool, dry place like a pantry or a cupboard.

Can I bake with your protein powders?

Our protein powders are extremely easy to use in baking. The powder can infuse some extra nutritional power into the meal, and it can often be used as a substitute for flour. Please find more information here:

We also have a number of baking recipes in our blog.

Why does Naked Whey foam so much?

Our whey products tend to foam a bit more than most because they do not contain a lecithin. To combat this, we recommend blending all the ingredients of your shake first and then reducing the blending time to 10-15 seconds if you want to avoid the foam.