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Diet / Health Conditions

What protein should I pick?

Here in our blog, you can find more information about which protein is the best for you:

How often should I take protein? When should I take protein?

Here in our blog you can find more information about how many times do you need to take protein during the day: 

Here’s an article about if it is better to take it before or after a workout:

Are your products safe for those with a nut and gluten allergy?

Most of our products are processed in nut and soy-free facilities. However, they are packaged on lines that also package both soy and nuts. These lines are thoroughly disinfected and cleaned between runs to avoid any cross contamination. There are images on our website and Amazon product listings that include the most recent gluten testing. Regarding your question, we do not use ingredients that contain gluten, but we also test for its presence.

What is a good protein powder for weight loss / meal replacement?

We generally recommend our Naked Meal Repacement protein since it contains additional vitamins, minerals and both pre and probiotics:

We also recommend Naked Whey or Naked Pea but for both, please also make sure you're getting your daily value of vitamins and minerals from other sources.

In our blog, you can find more information about this subject:

Do you sell any lactose free dairy protein products?

We do not sell any dairy-based proteins that are lactose-free. However, goat whey is known to react differently that whey from cow's milk.

I have a mild dairy allergy. What is the best product for me that you offer?

Our Naked Whey comes from cow's milk and contains lactose. With a mild allergy, we generally recommend our Naked Goat, which has a different form of lactose that is easier on the stomach. If you are looking for a vegan protein, here you can find our vegan line product:

Which protein should I use for muscle gain?

The best protein powder for muscle gain needs to be a complete, high quality protein that contains high concentrations of that valuable protein. There should be few additives, if any, and you should know the purpose of them. Naked Whey can be a great choice for adding protein to your diet. Naked Casein is also great before bed to ensure your body has protein while you sleep. For vegans, Naked Pea is a great option.

What do you recommend to gain weight?

We recommend our Naked Mass, which contains only three ingredients: Organic Maltodextrin, Naked Whey and Naked Casein or our Naked Vegan Mass which also contains only three ingredients: Organic Maltodextrin, Naked Pea and Naked Rice.

Both have No Artificial Sweeteners, Flavors, or Colors. Also consider our Naked Whey and Naked Casein separately, in that way you will not have any maltodextrin included.

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Best protein for weight loss?

Here you can find some information about how you can choose the best protein for Weight Loss: If you have no lactose sensibility:

If you prefer to use vegan sources:

What is the best protein powder for diabetics?

You can find more information here:

How to lose weight but gain muscle and which protein to use?

Here you can find some information in our blog about building muscle:

Here is an article why we think grass-fed whey is the best:

In short, we recommend whey protein provided you have no issues with lactose.

Is it OK to take protein powder while pregnant?

We recommend that you speak to your physician before picking out a protein. For a little more background about protein powders and pregnancy, we steer people towards this article: