Can I change my order or shipment address?

    Our Fulfillment team sends inbound orders to the appropriate warehouse quickly, to get your order shipped to you fast.

    You can edit/update/remove items before completing your order. After this point, changes may not be not possible as the order information has already been sent to the warehouse.

    To see if it is possible to update your order please contact us at as soon as possible.

    If the wrong shipping address is entered you will be responsible for contacting the resident of the address to try and receive your order.

    If you entered an address that does not exist, the order will make its way back to our fulfillment center.

    Upon receiving, our Fulfillment Team can then redirect your order to your correct address. Naked Nutrition is not liable for any losses incurred if the customer has provided any incorrect details for their order. Naked Nutrition also reserves the right not to issue a refund for product costs on orders never received, as a result of the incorrect details provided.